What Happens To Moshe The Beadle When He Is Expelled From Sighet?

What is the significance of the author’s conversation with Moishe the Beadle in paragraphs 12 16?


Who What does the book say the ghetto was ruled by?

How does Moshe survive deportation?

Why does Moishe reappear in Sighet after being deported?

What is a ghetto?

What was life like in the Sighet ghettos?

What year is it when German forces enter Sighet?

Who is Dr Mengele in the book night?

What does Madame Schachter have visions of?

How did Moishe the Beadle escape his near death after being deported?

How did Moshe the Beadle die?

How many ghettos were in Sighet?

Why is Moshe the Beadle able to escape?

What were the ghettos in night?

What does Beadle mean in night?